Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back dating my bookmarks

The next major project with regards to this blog will be filing, back dating and adding my own comments to the list of bookmarked articles below. These have been collected over the last year and change - and I have a thumb drive with a pile more to go as well. It will be nice to finally have all of these categorized and listed properly.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Haircut Time for Bondholders
Martin Wolf - Successful bank rescue still far away
Optimism Over Despair -
US economic plans 'a road to hell'
$4 trillion, IMF to warn - Times Online
'Bad Bank' Model Is Disastrous - This Approach Is Needed -- Seeking Alpha
'This is the worst recession for over 100 years' - UK Politics, UK - The Independent
(Much) more to come Free exchange
- Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC -
12 Percent Behind On Mortgage, Report Says - CBS News
2009 Greenspan Sees ‘Seeds of a Bottoming’ in U.S. Housing (Update2) -
3D Map Heatmap 5-5-2009
5-28 - Potential Consequences of 5.5% Mortgage Rates Mr. Mortgage Blog Field Check Group Real Estate & Finance
8 really, really scary predictions - Nouriel Roubini (1) - FORTUNE
A Bet Against the Banks - Seeking Alpha
A Game of Credit Cost Smoke and Mirrors at Wells Fargo HousingWire financial news for the mortgage market
AIG $2.7 trillion in CDS
AIG ran like a hedge fund - bloomberg
AIG Seeks More US Funds As Record Loss Looms - Financials US News Story -
AIG Threatens - CDS swaps
alt-a - economist
America is Being Looted
Andy Xie Tight Spot for Fed, Blind Spot for Investors
ASIA – ITALY US government securities seized from Japanese nationals, not clear whether real or fake - Asia News
Bailed-out Wells Fargo plans Las Vegas junket - U.S. business-
Bailout Secrecy Has Got to Go - BusinessWeek
Ballmer likens economy to depressions of 1837, 1873, and 1929 Politics and Law - CNET News
Bank Losses Spreading - Martin Weiss
Bank of America needs capital - bloomberg
Bank of America’s Lewis May Face SEC Probe the Holy Shit moment -
Banks may need to raise fresh capital in '09 Whitney Reuters
Banks Rescue Will 'Make Things Worse' Rogers - Financials Europe News Story -
Behind AIG's Fall, Risk Models Failed to Pass Real-World Test -
Beijing's Olympic building boom becomes a bust - Los Angeles Times
bernanke and paulson - tale of two fools
Bernard Madoff arrested over alleged $50 billion fraud U.S. Reuters
Bespoke Investment Group Was There a Plan
Bloomberg Printer-Friendly Page Exclusive Opinion
BofA furious with Merrill, Thain over losses report Deals Reuters
Bonus Babies The Big Tarp Recipients and their Booty Christopher Bateman Vanity Fair
Budget crisis forces UCI to stop work on 2 new buildings - Sciencedude -
Builder loans are the forgotten land mine in U.S. credit crisis - Print Version - International Herald Tribune
Burden Of Saving AIG May Provide Future Lessons NPR
California may delay tax refunds amid budget impasse - Los Angeles Times
Calpers May Buy TARP Assets on ‘Glimmer of Hope’ (Update1) -
Calpers selling stock to meet some obligations Journal - MarketWatch
Cassandra Does Tokyo Bernie Comes Out of the Closet
CDS on Berkshire
Central District News Real Estate National Economy Stalling Local Construction Projects
Charlie Rose - Home
China - video
China Grapples With Its Own Housing Crisis
China may put new curbs on overseas investments Markets US Markets Reuters
China prepares to buy up foreign oil companies - Telegraph
China Puts Joblessness for Migrants at 20 Million -
China says lending to US will not go on forever
China v4
China wants guarantees
China's mounting pink slips - International Herald Tribune
Citigroup is dead - bloomberg
Commercial Real Estate News
Commercial-Mortgage Crunch May Reach $1 Trillion (Update1) -
Congressman's Diary
credit card delinuencies naked capitalism
D-Day for Gordon Brown as he says world is already in a depression - Times Online
DARK POOLS - - MARKETS - Equities - NYSE Euronext to launch ‘dark pool’ tracker
Dark Pools and Hidden Liquidity « Zeropoint Field
Dealbook - The Compelling Case to Save A.I.G, by A.I.G. -
Debt revamps hindered by credit default swaps (Dealscape)
Deep Capture Blog
Defaulting Commercial Properties Hit Banks on Vacancy-Rate Rise -
derivative positions on banks -
Developers Scale Back Luxury Projects as Economy Shifts -
Did Goldman Goose Oil -
Does Wells Fargo have its bad assets under control - Mortgage Insider -
Don't Bank on It -
Don't be conned into thinking there will be a recovery in '09 - MarketWatch
Driven down by debt, Dubai expats give new meaning to long-stay car park - Times Online
Driving the Bond Markets to Ruin - - Financial Life Cycle Planning S&P Regression to Trend Real and Alternate-Real
East Coast Economics
End the Fed
Estimates of economic costs of a flu pandemic - Telegraph
Europe’s banks face a $2 trillion dollar shortage - Telegraph
Exclusive Interview Jim Rogers Predicts Bigger Financial Shocks Loom, Fueling a Malaise That May Last for Years
Facing Budget Gap, Schwarzenegger Urges Lawmakers to Bridge Divide -
Failed gilt auction stokes fears over UK economy - Telegraph
FASB ‘Close’ on Off-Balance-Sheet Change, Herz Says (Update1) -
fdic insolvent - bair
FDIC’s Bair Seeks to Expand Authority, Ending ‘Too Big to Fail’ -
Fear the Dark Side of China's Lending Surge
Fed Gets Subpoena From House Panel Over Bank of America-Merrill -
Fed Grapples With a New Risk Reality -
Fed knows what it's doing on bank rescue Bernanke - MarketWatch
Fed Takes Breather, Offers Hints of Buying Treasurys -
Fed's Cut Is a Zero-Sum Game -
Financial experts say recession ends by year's end - Yahoo! Finance - Magazine Article
Forestalling Foreclosure - TIME
frb Charge-Off Rates; All Banks, SA
frontline the wall street fix mr. weill goes to washington the long demise of glass-steagall PBS
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » A ‘cancer’ in the oil markets
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Whitney TARP funds go down the downgrade drain Willem Buiter's Maverecon Derivatives and attempted state capture in Kazakhstan - Columnists - Martin Wolf - Why Davos Man is waiting for Obama to save him - Columnists - Martin Wolf - Why Obama’s new Tarp will fail to rescue the banks - Comment - Opinion - America’s banks need to hold a yard sale - Comment - Opinion - How Washington can prevent ‘zombie banks’ - FTfm - Investments - Ron Paul Believer in small government predicts 15-year depression - UK - China's dollar dilemma - US - Politics & Foreign policy - Greenspan backs bank nationalisation
Geithner Says Most U.S. Banks Have Enough Capital (Update1) -
Geithner Wrong, Crap Assets Correctly Priced, Say Harvard And Princeton Profs
Geithner's Bank Plan Led Goldman to Call Meeting - Financials US News Story -
Geithner's Five Big Misconceptions
Geithners Stress Test A Complete Sham, Former Federal Bank Regulator Says Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
George Washington's Blog How Credit Default Swaps Brought Down the World Economy
George Washington's Blog The Elephant in the Room Credit Default Swaps
Get Out Now! - Canada's dirty subprime secret
GM 70 percent chance
GMAC’s Sweet Government Ride - DealBook Blog -
Going Down the Drain Baby Boomers Going Bust Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace AlterNet
Goldman messing with oil prices
Goldman Sachs Ditching December
Goldman Sachs Green This Morning, Hurricane Tonight-Minyanville
grantham Stocks May Fall Another 50%, But Still Time To Buy
Green Shoots Premise Shaky, Bank of America Says (Update1) -
Guatemala News Will Banks and Financial Markets Recover in 2009
Housing Price Decline You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet -- Seeking Alpha
How abnormal was the stock market in October 2008
How Michael Osinski Helped Build the Bomb That Blew Up Wall Street -- New York Magazine
How Much Could the Government Lose on TARP - BusinessWeek
Hugh Hendry -
Hugh Hendry Citywire Interview GreenLightAdvisor Views
Hugh Hendry
Hussman Funds - Comments
Hussman Funds - Weekly Market Comment Money Doesn't Grow on Trees - April 27, 2009
IMF Says depression - bloomberg
Inside Obama’s Economic Brain Trust -- New York Magazine
It's A D, Not An R Folks - The Market Ticker
Japan May Scrap 50 Trillion-Yen Plan to Prop Up Stock Market -
Japan plans to buy $227 billion in shares to boost market - MarketWatch
Jim Grant on CNBC - Audit the Fed, it would fail
Jim Rogers 'Sell any sterling you might have. It's finished' - Business News, Business - The Independent
Jim Rogers Blog Jim Rogers Interviewed by Maria Bartiromo
Job Cuts Avert Catastrophic Quarter as Profits Excel (Update2) -
jumbo loan defaults
Late Change in Course Hobbled Rollout of Geithner's Bank Plan -
Late payments on commercial mortgage-backed securities to skyrocket Fitch - Financial Week
leaks Yahoo's secret layoff doublespeak revealed!
Lending to companies falls and puts dent in Bank’s moves to boost economy - Times Online
Let banks fail, says Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz - Telegraph
Leverage on banking firms - GE
Lewis Testifies U.S. Urged Silence on Deal -
mark to market rule changes increase CDS prices
Markets face 20pc fall if swine flu spreads - Telegraph
Martin Feldstein and Simon Johnson on the U.S.'s Lost Decade
Meredith Whitney Leverage Her Prediction of the Banking Meltdown -- New York Magazine
Meredith Whitney's Wisdom - 051109
Meredith Whitney
Merkel's inflationary fretting may wake the bears from hibernation - Telegraph
Merrill's Rosenberg Goodbye, Thank You, Yes It's Just A Sucker's Rally
Mexican minister swine flu could cut GDP by 1 pct -
MGM Mirage Hires Restructure Counsel; Payment Due (Update1) -
Money woes stall resort at Ucluelet
Moody's downgraded $1.76 trln U.S. corp debt in Q1 Markets Markets News Reuters
Moody's lists companies at debt default risk report Reuters
Moody's Puts All Munis On Negative
Moody’s Downgrades BofA, Wells Fargo
More Bearish Than Roubini
More On California Safety Deposit Box Seizure - Stormfront
naked capitalism Geithner Bank Bailout Plan Fiasco
naked capitalism Guest Post The new bailouts are an end-run around Congress
naked capitalism Is Sterling About to Tank
naked capitalism John Paulson Attacks Fellow Hedge Funds for Restricting Redemptions (and Implications for Banks)
naked capitalism Martin Wolf This Way Lies a Catastrophe
naked capitalism New IMF Study of Banking Crises Contradicts Bailout Bill Premise and Details
naked capitalism The Bad Bank Assets Proposal Even Worse Than You Imagined
naked capitalism Veneroso Japan on the Edge of the Abyss
Nassim Taleb Says Geithner’s Bank Plan Will Fail (Update1) - Your News and Information Source
Of Fingers and Dikes
One Nation, Under Banks With Justice for No One Jonathan Weil -
op-ed Back-Door Nationalization-Minyanville
Op-Ed Columnist - Wall Street Voodoo -
Op-Ed Contributor - Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism -
Op-Ed Contributor - The Great Solvent North -
Op-Ed Contributors - How to Repair a Broken Financial World -
Op-Ed Contributors - The Economy Is Still at the Brink -
Op-Ed Contributors - The End of the Financial World as We Know It -
opinion The Most Expensive President Since 1945 - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
Option ARMageddon » Blog Archive » Warren Interview Wall Street’s “system has collapsed”
Part I Geithner's Plan Extremely Dangerous Economist Galbraith Says Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
Paulson doesn't expect any more major firms to fail during crisis - International Herald Tribune
Paulson’s Hedge Fund Buys Distressed Debt, Mortgage Securities -
Pension Funding Gap Deteriorates in February
Pension insurer shifted to stocks - The Boston Globe
pension liabilities
Pension Plans' Long-Term Stability 'Vulnerable' GAO - Financials US News Story -
Pension Tsunami
Peter Schiff On Obama Recovery
Pin AIG woes on Brooklyn boy Joseph Cassano walked away with $315 million while company staggered
pitchforks - obama
Printer Version - Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
prudent banks fight back
Railfax Report - North American Rail Freight Traffic Carloading Report
rarc What is a Representation Agreement
Recipe for Disaster The Formula That Killed Wall Street
Red Flags in Credit Markets -
Rep. Alan Grayson On Goldman Sachs Ditching December 'There will be blood'
RGE - It Is Time to Nationalize Insolvent Banking Systems
Rising debt may overwhelm Barack Obama's effort to rescue the economy - Times Online
Rose tinted glasses - Clive Maund
Roubini and taleb on CNBC - annoying
Roubini Says Stocks Will Drop as Banks Go ‘Belly Up’ (Update2) -
Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis - Telegraph
Rx for U.S. banks Made in China - Financial Week
S&P heads to first quarterly earnings loss ever - MarketWatch
S&P may cut B. of A., Citi, Wells Fargo ratings - MarketWatch
Sacramento commerical real estate sales fell 88% in Q4 - Sacramento Business Journal
Saving America's banks Only halfway there The Economist
Senators to UAW It's payback time The Detroit News
Shenanigans At Goldman Sachs Top Gun Financial Planning
Simon Says Things Will Get Better (SPG, GGWPQ, KIM, TCO, BXP, VNO) May 25, 2009 By Greg Sushinsky - Investopedia Advisor
Soaring U.S. Budget Deficit Will Mean Billions in Bond Sales -
soros $1.5 Trillion Needed To Save The Banks Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
Speculators on the rise
Statement From Non-Tarp Lenders of Chrysler - Deal Journal - WSJ
Stock Picker Bill Miller's Defeat -
Stocks slide after weak government debt auction - Yahoo! Finance
Swine flu 'All of humanity under threat', WHO warns - Telegraph
swine flu - sars parallels
Taleb on CNBC - 040109
The Business Insider
The Canadian Press Struggling pension plans call on government to relax funding rules
The capital well is running dry and some economies will wither - Telegraph
The Case of the Missing Month - Floyd Norris Blog -
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart March 12, 2009 (03-12-09) Clip 4 of 4
The Elephant(s) in the Room
the evil speculator - one nefarious trade at a time
The Executive Who Brought Down AIG
The Fed’s moral hazard maximising strategy
The Global Economy In The Next Year -
The great repression The Australian
The Institutional Risk Analyst AIG Before Credit Default Swaps, There Was Reinsurance
The Institutional Risk Analyst How to Resolve AIG & Citi; Walker Todd on Stress Testing the Banks
The Institutional Risk Analyst Stress Test Zombies Not Too Big To Fail Tough Tootsies Little Banks!
The Institutional Risk Analyst To Big to Bail Lehman Brothers is the Model for Fixing the Zombie Banks
The Media Equation - Financial Journalists Fumble to Cover a Lasting Slump -
The National Interest
The Quiet Coup Simon Johnson
The Real Problem Our Debt Mountain
The Unlikely Revolutionary The American Prospect
Top Senate Democrat bankers own the U.S. Congress - Glenn Greenwald -
Toyota idles nearly all assembly lines - Feb. 5, 2009
Treasury’s Financial Stability Plan Will It Work GreenLightAdvisor Views
U.S. Commercial Mortgage Defaults May Rise to 17-Year High -
Understanding Equilibrium - Hussman Funds May 18, 2009
US Treasury auction changes may overstate indirect bid Markets Bonds News Reuters
Video -
video Stiglitz and Feldstein -”Bailout is a DISASTER” The Disciplined Investor
Volker - depression
Wall Street’s 1929 Scams Return in Geithner Plan Jonathan Weil - Plunge Protection Team
we are fcked The Big Takeover
Wells Fargo - smoke and mirrors
Wells Fargo Gorges on Mark-to-Make-Believe Gains Jonathan Weil -
When Money Dies The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse
Why Capital Structure Matters -
Why Financial C.E.O’s are allowed to Lie - trading news from the FX world
Why I Fired My Broker - The Atlantic (May 2009)
Why It's Actually Different This Time -- Seeking Alpha
Why Your Bank Is Broke - TIME
YouTube - U.S. bankrupt
Zero Hedge Exclusive AIG Was Responsible For The Banks' January & February Profitability

Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally getting around to it

Having watched the housing crunch set up and ultimately fail, I've decided to maintain a blog to enable me to keep track of all of the stories that I find are relevant to today's market. They should NOT be viewed as investment advice, nor solicitations of sale - etc. Invest (and read this blog) at your own risk.

If you don't like what I write, then maintain your own blog. Respectful comments are appreciated, disrespectful comments are torched.